RES Great Lakes, LLC

About RES Great Lakes, LLC

RES is the nation’s largest and most experienced provider of ecological restoration and water resource solutions. To date, we have restored over 328 stream miles, 58,024 wetland acres, and rehabilitated, preserved, and/or managed over 15,000 acres of special-status species habitats. RES operations include planting over 17,400,000 restorative trees and reducing over 267 tons of polluting nutrients. RES navigates and streamlines the environmental permitting process with solutions that balance economic development and ecological sustainability through the establishment of mitigation/conservation banks, permittee responsible turnkey mitigation, and corporate social responsibility projects.


Restoration crew member

June 2019 - August 2019 Huntley, IL
“I liked being out in nature everyday and seeing the progression of prairie and wetland plants throughout the summer. I also enjoyed seeing sites transformed over time. ”
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