In general, if you have had a product management or similar role, what qualities are essential to success?

In general, if you have had a product management or similar role, what qualities are essential to success?
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Junior, Organizational Management

almost 2 years ago
In marketing, know your product, target group, and costs. The initial focus is center on developing a marketing plan. Choosing the right marketing strategy is critical to be successful in today's competitive space. Projects are generally goal driven. They requires that leadership get the members of the team to buy-in to achieving the objective. Leadership provides support and supervision to establish organization within the team and throughout the project. Utilize data analysis to measure the progress of the project. The data will show trends and patterns leading to decisions for next step action. Leadership collaborates with a team to determine which metrics are essential to the desired outcome.

Former Project Analyst/Infrastructure Analyst/Program Manager at Hewlett Packard

over 3 years ago
My experience is on the services side (the former EDS side of HP, what became HPE, then DXC, and most recently Perspecta), so my experiences may not apply to HP directly. However, the skills I see necessary in this role, and what I would look for if I was in a hiring position here: Organization, the ability to plan, properly report, experience with leading projects or being a integral part of a project team. As a Program Manager, you'll want to be directing your work experience toward people leadership, you'll need to understand finances as they pertain to running a program, and you'll contract management.

Product Manager at Adero

over 2 years ago
The quality that tops my list as a Product Manager is the empathy for the customer. Being able to fluidly translate the pain points of the customer to product features and functionalities is something that comes with experience and learning over time, which is one of the sole reasons why employers look for candidates with prior PM experience. The second on my list is the ability to work with cross-functional teams. As a PM, you are basically like peanut-butter, you got to spread yourself over everything to get the job done.
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