So what does a software engineer at Intel actually do?

So what does a software engineer at Intel actually do?
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Former Software Engineering Intern at Intel Corporation

about 3 years ago
This varies greatly depending on the team. The work would range from embedded software, virtual machines, hypervisors to even smart glasses. The intern projects are at par with what Full Time employees generally do in their day job. They would assign a packet of work with defined deliverables which generally are part of their yearly charter.

Former Software Engineer at Intel

over 3 years ago
A software engineer generally gets a job where his skills in programming languages are highly essential, like python, C/C++, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP etc. No one actually expects you to know by heart all the syntax of the programming languages, but if you can then that is just great. It is fine if you need to refer for syntax and take help from google search. But mostly, in any interview, students could mention only the algorithm and their approach rather than going into depth of programming syntax. At such big companies like Intel Corporation, any person would hardly get a job where he/she has to develop something from scratch. The work would be more towards developing couple of more features on the top of the base version of previous release and depending on further customer needs, further feature development would happen. Nowadays, scripting languages are very helpful to know.
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