Is Bloomberg a good place to start my career?

Is Bloomberg a good place to start my career?
2018-07-03T18:32:35Z 2

Former Software Engineering Intern at Bloomberg

about 3 years ago
Definitely. Bloomberg was the first company I interned at and the connections I made were valuable to my growth. A culture of learning is prioritized and as an intern, there were many experienced engineers who were willing to lend a hand or teach me a new skill.

Former Stock Trader at Hopital Convention Baptiste d’Haiti

12 months ago
Hi Danny,
Can I apply for an internship now to Bloomberg? Can an Health Management major get an internship from there? How? Any link to submit my application?
How quick I can begin an internship from there? Possible for this Fall2020 or Summer2020? Why not either one?
Thank you!
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