What would it be like to work as an epidemiology assistant at the CDC?

What would it be like to work as an epidemiology assistant at the CDC?
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Junior, Non-Degree Requisite for UGRD

3 months ago
Healthcare worker has been instilled in me for years, as my first career choice as a military surgical specialist for the United States Army. Making the late decision to pursue the profession of Nursing seems to be the perfect time to transition as I decide to make a career change, continue my education, and follow the desire that has stayed with me all this time which is to make a difference in the lives of others, by providing health, wellness and care.
Bachelor of Science in Nursing Miami Dade College - Miami, FL January 2019 to Present Bachelor of Arts in Business Management University of Phoenix - Miami, FL January 2004 to June 2007

Former Internship at Hermann Memorial Hospital- Internship March 2019

about 1 year ago
I have extensive patient care and health services experience, 20 years assisting with direct patient care, routine laboratory functions, and office management. Able to work in high stress environments while recognizing and developing action plans to achieve goals. Knowledgeable of various healthcare areas such as medical terminology, public health, surgical procedures, and radiology. 
EDUCATION & TRAINING from UNTHSC MPH Graduate program: Introduction to Health Management and Policy Environmental Determinants of Health Principles of Biostatistics Theoretical Foundations of Individuals and Communities Health Principles of Epidemiology

Former Epidemiology Assistant at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

almost 3 years ago
I spent most of my time in a revolving cubicle (they didn't have enough space for me to have my own cubicle), writing data cleaning programs in SAS and developing surveys in EpiInfo. I often took breaks from my primary task in order to attend lectures and presentations onsite at CDC, as well as attend weekly meetings with my team and other shadowing opportunities.
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