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We’re a global leader in all forms of entertainment, from movie and TV screens to mobile devices, store shelves and beyond. We work, grow and create world class content in one of the biggest, busiest studio lots in the industry, as well as at countless studios, sets and offices around the globe. We are home to the most beloved characters, franchises, heroes and wizards in the world, and to a diverse and inclusive workforce of thousands that brings those brands to life every day. We are fans of what we make and proud of what we do.


Social Media Intern

July 2020 Burbank, CA
“Great community, learning a lot”

Software Developer

May 2020 - August 2020 Atlanta, GA
“I was already excited to work for WarnerMedia since they have contributed so much in the entertainment industry but I hadn’t expected to have such an eventful internship. I got to meet developers who worked with CNN, Cartoon Network, WarnerBros and more. I joined the team as they were releasing HBO Max and got to see early premiers of shows before the public audience. For our tasks, I was treated as a member of the team and participated in agile meetings that have taught me so much about the art of communication. If I hadn’t any tasks to complete, WarnerMedia provided meaningful events for interns to participate in such as conversations about racial diversity, LGBTQ+ inclusion, career advice and networking tips. My perception of the company had expanded and I have nothing but positive feedback about their internship program. Even after the internship, I’m often invited to join career opportunities with them and stay connected with employees on LinkedIn to stay in touch even after graduation. WarnerMedia’s internship made me feel very included with the company. ”
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Seeking tips for my upcoming interview with Turner! It's for a media production internship.

Internship +5
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